Information about Coronavirus

University gastronomy

We are happy to be able to open the FoodBox at the HTWG! You can find all the information below.

The university canteens, cafeterias and cafés remain closed until further notice.

Do you already know our cooking videos? Since we cannot greet you personally at the moment, we have considered how we can still be there for you and have come out with our cooking videos, which you can find on Youtube-Videos. Have fun cooking and enjoy your meal!

Information about our gastronomic facilities

Cafeteria Weingarten
Al stuDente University of Konstanz
Gießberghütte University of Konstanz
Cafeteria HTWG Konstanz
Strandbar Konstanz
FoodBox Konstanz


Are other means of transmission possible, such as through food?
Can the virus be transmitted via dishes and cutlery in canteens or restaurants?
Does washing by hand or in the dishwasher make the virus harmless?

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