Information about Coronavirus

Social counselling


Due to the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, only tele-consultation is currently possible. Please contact us by e-mail for a consultation appointment: sozialberatung[at] 


Please note that due to the high demand for financial aid, there are currently delays in processing your requests! We will answer you as soon as possible and continue to counsel you individually with your requests.


Summary of student loans and credits
State corona aid programmes
Seezeit Emergency Aid
KfW Student Loan: Exemptions under the Corona Pandemic
What minijobbers should know about the Corona virus
Child support
Tax relief


If I lose my job or do not pay my salary, am I currently entitled to housing benefit?
If I lose my part-time job, or if wage payments are not made, am I entitled to ALG II benefits?
I lost my job. Where can I look for job offers?
As a student on the job, could I also receive short-time work benefits?
I am self-employed or freelance while I am studying and have lost my jobs or can no longer carry them out due to the measures taken to contain them. Do I have any claims for compensation under the Infection Protection Act?
What else can I do if I cannot pay my health insurance, rent, mobile phone bill, etc.?
Where can I get financial help? Do I have to take out a loan?
What should I bear in mind when considering a student loan?

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