Villa Kunterbunt

Are you looking for qualified supervision for your child in Weingarten? Then the Villa Kunterbunt crèche is the perfect place for you!

We have room for 10 children aged between eight months and three years old in our crèche, with the option of small or all-day groups. The kids are looked after by our team of qualified staff in an open and friendly environment.

Discover something new every day

The little ones go on a voyage of discovery using all their senses in our varied rooms. Outside in the garden and in the nearby local surroundings, the children are filled with excitement as they discover nature and learn new things regardless of the weather.

Realistic, colourful projects, which we design along with the parents, promote curiosity, creativity and perception skills among the children. Totally in keeping with our motto, ‘strong together’, even the youngest children should feel big and powerful at our facility.

We invite anyone to come and take a look inside!

Rates of pay



  • You can find detailed information about our building, types of supervision and rates in our brochure: <link file:478 _blank download file>Villa Kunterbunt Crèche Brochure
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