Due to the measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, only tele-counselling is currently possible. Please contact us by e-mail for a counseling appointment: sozialberatung[at]


Please note that due to the high demand for financial aid, there are currently delays in processing your requests! We will answer you as soon as possible and continue to counsel you individually with your requests.


Further information on social councelling in times of the Corona virus can be found here.


Making sure you have sufficient insurance is an important part of being a student. We have therefore provided some basic information here on the types of insurance that are relevant to students.

Please note that, while we are glad to be of assistance to you, we can only help you with certain insurance matters (e.g. reporting an accident). You are personally responsible for taking out your own insurance and following the correct procedure in the event of an insurance claim.

Personal liability insurance
Health insurance
Accident insurance