Studierendenwerk fees

All students pay a set enrolment fee to their university at the beginning of each semester. This is comprised of administrative costs, student fees and Studierendenwerk fees.

The Studierendenwerk fees are a key component in the financing of the Studierendenwerk:


Financing of the Studierendenwerk Seezeit (2020) as an image

The Studierendenwerk fees are used, for example, for free social and psychotherapeutic counselling or the discounted  menus Seezeit-Teller, KombinierBar and hin&weg in the canteen.

The so-called ‘Sozialbeitrag’ (social levy) for the semester ticket is also part of the Studierendenwerk fees. The idea behind this is that all students pay a small contribution that is used to finance the semester ticket. This enables the transport companies to offer the semester tickets at favourable prices. The social levy for the semester ticket is a transitory item. In other words, Seezeit passes the full payments on to the respective transport companies.



Membership fee regulations Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee (German Document)

Current fees
Refund of Studierendenwerk fees
Refund of social levy for semester ticket