The new taste at Seezeit

We serve something new

With the three new offers Seezeit-Teller, KombinierBar and hin&weg we want to satisfy all the different needs of our guests even more. You can just help yourself and enjoy or arrange a menu by yourself from the different offers.


We also focus on the different diets of our guests. Vegetarian or vegan offers can be found in every menu. 

In the preparation of our menus, we attach great importance to a regional origin of the products and an appropriate animal husbandry. With this reorganization, we work in a more sustainable way, as we are faced with a large amount of food waste every day. This needs to be reduced.

Special features in Ravensburg and Weingarten


Any questions? Here you will find the answers to all topics relating to the new taste at Seezeit.

Why are there new menus?
Will the portion sizes be changed?
Are there any price changes?
Why isn't there any self service at the Mensa Gießberg?
Why isn't it possible anymore to get a refill at the Mensa Gießberg?
Why is there only one cash register at the Mensa Gießberg?