Seezeit shop

Pens out of ink, notepad not big enough or forgotten to get a birthday present? The Seezeit shop is the right place to go for those little emergencies in everyday student life. You can find us directly in the entrance area on level A5 at the University of Konstanz.


Along with Studi-Tickets offered by Stadtwerke Konstanz and the VHB, you can get small gift items, souvenirs and, of course, everything that you need for university: rubbers, pens, pocket calculators, folders, diaries, bags or even something sweet for your break times. The range of products is complemented by a selection of magazines and newspapers, greetings cards and tobacco products.


Have fun browsing!

Opening hours

Mon–Thur:  09.00–15.00

Fri:            09.00–13.30


Closed on holidays