Psychotherapeutic Counselling

For problems with and relating to studies we would be pleased to advise you and help you with your concerns! Our service is free and confidential. We also use our courses to show you techniques for making your studies run more smoothly.


Information about the Coronvirus

We offer personal consultation appointments (with mask) at all universities. Furthermore, you are also welcome to receive advice by phone or video consultation. You can also use our anonymous online platform beranet.

For the safety of all students and staff, we urgently ask you to pay attention:

Please come to the personal consultation with a medical or FFP2 mask.

If you have an appointment and have had symptoms of illness or contact with ill persons, please contact us in advance by mail or phone. We are happy to offer a non-contact consultation b y phone or video at the scheduled appointment time.
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University of Konstanz
Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG)
RWU / PH Weingarten
Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)
Online consultation

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Who are the advisors in the PBS?
How do I arrange a consultation appointment?
What is the consultation procedure?
How does it comply with the requirement of confidentiality?
How secure is the e-mail communication?
Can I also undergo therapy here?
As a relative or lecturer, can I get in touch if I am concerned about a student?
I need to speak to someone NOW - who can I contact?