FAQ Accommodation

Application and room allocation

What are the requirements for me to be able to apply to Seezeit?
How and when can I apply for a room?
Does my application give me any entitlement to a room in a halls of residence?
Can I withdraw my application?
I have previously applied to Seezeit, can I reapply?
What happens after my application?
How does Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee allocate its rooms?
When does the allocation of rooms commence/finish?
Can I view rooms in advance at the halls of residence?
I am studying at the University of Konstanz and have a child. Can I bring my child with me to live in a halls of residence at Seezeit?
Are there any barrier-free rooms at Seezeit?

Tenancy agreement and interim tenancy

How long is the term of my tenancy agreement?
Can I extend my tenancy agreement?
How and when can I cancel my tenancy agreement?
How and when do I pay the rent?
Can I sublet my room?
To whom can I sublet my room?
How can I find a subtenant?
What is the procedure for subletting?
What things do I need to be aware of when subletting?
Are there any administration fees?

Moving in

How much is the deposit for my room and how do I pay?
Can I pay my deposit and rent with a EC card or credit card?
When can I move in?
How do I get my key?
Can someone else collect my key for me?
Do I need to register at the residents’ registration office?


What costs are included in the rental price?
Is Internet included in the rent?
Do I need to pay TV and radio license fees?
Are the Seezeit rooms furnished?
Can I bring my own furniture with me?
Are there washing machines and dryers in the halls of residence?
Are there any parking spaces?
Where can I find further information on the rental terms at Seezeit?
What should I do in the event of damage or a defect?
I have lost my key/my key is broken. What should I do?
What do I do if I experience problems with the Internet?
How do I contact the caretaker in an emergency?

Moving out

How and when do I get my deposit back?
What considerations should I make when moving out?
Can someone else return my key for me?
What happens to my post?