We use "appWash" in our halls of residence. This allows you to book and pay for the washing machines conveniently and mobile.

How does appWash work?


  •     Download the app "appWash powered by Miele": Android | iOS
  •     Register in the App.
  •     Top up your credit account in the app.
  •     Select an available machine via the app.
  •     Select the washing or drying programme on the machine.
  •     Fill the machine with your laundry and start the programme.

What advantages does appWash offer?


  •     Payment is via prepaid credit, which can be topped up using various cashless payment options (e.g. credit card or PayPal).
  •     You can view and book the currently available machines in the app (either on your mobile phone or PC).
  •     When the washing or drying programme is finished, you will receive a push message that the laundry is ready.
  •     You can view the history of past laundry
  •     In case of problems you have an easy way to contact appWash via the feedback button.