“Wohnen für Hilfe”

Gardening, childcare, house-cleaning, doing something for society - according to the principle of “Wohnen für Hilfe”, students provide everyday support for their landlords and save some of their rental costs in the process.

Senior citizens, families and disabled people can take part, provided they have room for a cohabitant and wish to receive assistance with basic tasks. On the other hand, students are sought who are looking to reduce their living costs and to this end are willing to help their landlord with the agreed tasks.

Our role in this process is the free procurement of suitable cohabitants and providing assistance for you in the event of any questions or problems.

Current Offers


How can I participate as a tenant?
How can I participate as a landlord?
How can I participate as a landlord?
How does the placement process work?
How much assistance must I provide?
What happens if I find alternative accommodation in the meantime?
How is the assistance provided offset against the rent?