How can I pay at the Seezeit canteens and cafeterias?
How do I obtain my MensaCard?
How do I pay with the card?
How can I top up my card with money?
My MensaCard is damaged. Who should I contact for assistance?
An error code is appearing on the chip card update machine. What should I do?
I have lost my card. What can I do?
Can I also use my card to pay at other university canteens?
I would like to return my MensaCard. What should I do?
Do you have any other questions about your MensaCard?

Quality and sustainability

What standards does Seezeit use to guarantee the quality of the meals in the university catering establishments?
Where does the food come from?
What happens to the leftover food?

Nutrition and ingredients

Are there any vegetarian and vegan options?
Are there any organic options?
Where can I find information about allergens?


Can I bring my child with me to eat in the canteens?


Can I also hire out rooms operated by Seezeit for events?


How are the canteens and cafeterias financed?


Am I allowed to set out flyers in the canteens or erect an information stand?