Seezeit goes cashless

Fast, contactless, cashless


From summer semester 23, we will gradually switch to a purely cashless payment system at our locations. You will then be able to make contactless, cashless and, above all, fast payments everywhere with your MensaCard or student ID.



When will cashless payment be introduced?


  • Seezeit Strandbar Konstanz ( switched in April 2023)
  • Mensa Ravensburg ( switched in September 2023)
  • Mensa HTWG ( switched in September 2023)
  • Mensa Weingarten ( switched in October 2023)
  • KaffeeBar RWU ( switched in December 2023)
  • Mensa Gießberg ( switched in January 2024)
  • CampusCafé ( switched in January 2024)
  • BibCafé ( switched in January 2024)
  • Mensa Fallenbrunnen ( switched in January 2024)
  • CampusBistro RITZ ( switched in January 2024)
  • Cafeteria Weingarten ( cashless from 01.01.2025)



Why do we want to go cashless?


The switch is, among other things, a direct response to feedback from our guests, who would like shorter waiting times at our checkouts, for example. Cashless payment via the MensaCard not only eliminates the annoying search for small change, but also the need to show your student ID or staff ID to record the correct price for students, staff or guests. We are convinced that this change will make your visit with us even more pleasant. Look forward to a smooth and convenient cashless payment experience at all our facilities.



Cashless payment, a trend for years


More than two thirds of the guests at the University of Konstanz's already pay without cash at our checkouts, and in the Mensa Gießberg it is even three quarters. In the HTWG cafeteria, cashless payment has been a matter of course for years. Our pilot projects in the CampusBistro Fallenbrunnen, where we have been extensively testing the new system since January 2023, as well as the successful conversion of the Seezeit Strandbar at HTWG in May have convinced us: Seezeit is going cashless.



More service


In addition, the new system offers external guests further payment options such as giro, credit or debit cards as well as the use of Google Pay or Apple Pay. Regular guests can also use these payment services to top up their canteen credit. For those who want to get to lunch even faster, there is EasyLoad. With EasyLoad, you can save yourself a trip to the top-up machine and keep an eye on your spending online. You can find more information about EasyLoad here.


In order to avoid another price adjustment due to the additional costs for these services, we have decided not to add them to our sales prices for the time being. However, we ask all students and university members to use the MensaCard and EasyLoad, as this is the only way to avoid additional costs and take advantage of the faster checkout processes.



Protecting your data is important to us


We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. For this reason,we have never collected personal data for basic payment with the student ID card or MensaCard – this will not change with this switch.




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