March 2023 I

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March 2023 I

Let's dance!

Tango Argentino


Tango Argentino - dancing together in an embrace, calmly walking to the beat, combining soft, flowing and accentuated movements.

The focus is on being together with your dancing partner. Dancing tango means self-awareness, connection and communication. A dance not only for the body, but especially for the heart and soul. We will take you into an exciting and unique world of dance that has an ever-growing fan base. Attention: extremely high risk of becoming addicted!

"¡El tango te espera!" (Tango awaits you!)



Date: 02 March 2023

Time: 19:30

Location: Kult-X, Hafenstrasse 8, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Fees: none

Duration: 90 min.


Further information at Participating dancers of the Seemester event are welcome to send an email (name + certificate of matriculation) to the Seezeit Service Center servicecenter[at] for a binding registration.